We're Native American Navajo Collaborative Artist, currently live on the Navajo Reservation near the Four Corners (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona),  below the Lukachukai Mountains. We've been doing jewelry  full time for 26 years. It's all self-taught...God given talent. We had a few tips from very close friends who are renowned award winning jewelery craftsman and artist.

Our work is all made of sterling silver and 14k gold.  With simple overlay  Navajo basket and rug designs. We incorporate the storm pattern designs on all our jewelry pieces embellished with good quality turquoise, coral, lapis, charoite, oyster shell, crystals etc. We also make hand woven silver chains and bola cords. Aside from jewelry we also make silver pottery bowls, seed pots, miniature tea sets, and wedding vase.  All of our pieces are signed  with our initials encase with a fish symbolizing our Christian faith.

Photo and Designed by:
Teller Indian Jewelry
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Squash Blossom made by:
Travis R. Teller @ Teller Indian Jewelry